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A Visit to Remember

Inspired by the surrounding Silver Lake landscape, Lakeview Living was designed to make your visit a unique, comfortable and fun experience. Our rooms are spacious, our fares are competitive and the service is unparalleled.

Our team knows that choosing a place to stay that feels like home, is important. We do our best to make each and every stay part of your memories. Take a look at our site to find out more about our rooms and amenities, and get in touch if there’s anything else we can help you with. We look forward to welcoming you soon!



  • Check-in: After 3:00 P.M.

  • Checkout: Before 11:00 A.M.

  • Cleaning Fee applies for all stays and is non-refundable

  • Wi-Fi available (at Rental house ONLY)

  • No smoking or vaping allowed inside the rental house or campers -
    fees will be assessed for any evidence including smell of smoking inside.

  • No Pets allowed at Rental House - NO exceptions!
    fees will be assessed for any evidence of pets at Lakeview Living rental house.

  • No parties or events unless prior authorization has been made with Lakeview Living staff.

  • Long term stays are allowed upon request as our schedule allows. Contact us if you are interested.

  • Organized events and gatherings are allowed with a separate contract signed, deposit made, and discussed with management prior to arrival. This is available for ONLY Entire House Rentals.

  • Campers and tents are only allowed on Lakeview Living Rental House property with an additional fee of $50 per night - $60 per night on Holiday weekends (plus credit card fees if paying by credit card) AND prior notice.
    We DO NOT have a 30 or 50 AMP service or water & sewer hookups.
    There is a neighboring campground that is better suited to handle camper and tents needs at Big GS Campground

Camper Rules

  • Check-in: Between 3:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.
    (please let us know approximate arrival time when we send check-in instructions)

  • Checkout: Before 11:00 A.M.

  • Cleaning Fee applies for all stays and is 

  • No Wi-Fi, limited antenna (TV) signal *no refunds will be given for no TV 

  • No smoking or vaping allowed inside the campers - a minimum of $250 fee will be assessed for any evidence including smell of smoking inside.

  • Limit of 2 pets is allowed with prior approval. You must let us know before you arrive if you will have your pet(s). There is a $10 per pet/per night fee. There will be a $100/ per pet Refundable Deposit added to your refundable camper deposit.
    *If you bring more pets than what you originally had down to bring, you may lose some or all of your deposit. Pets can be stressed in a new environment, causing new or different behaviors than while at home, even the most well trained or well-behaved pets. We do REQUIRE ALL pets to be kenneled when there is not an adult inside the camper with them. If we do find out they are not kenneled while no adult is inside with them, you may be asked to leave immediately, forfeiting your remaining stay without refund and losing your full damage deposit.  You must follow all rules of Big G's Campground regarding pets: Please keep them leashed, supervised, & cleaned up after them. If your pet is aggressive or a non-stop barking dog, please leave him or her at home for the comfort and safety of the other guests. *

  • No parties.

  • Long term stays are allowed upon request as our schedule allows. Contact us if you are interested, long-term stays will be in our Coachmen camper only.


Full rental payment is required to confirm your bookings and block it off on the calendar. As soon as you request your reservation, we block the calendar and expect full rental payment to be made immediately.

If you decide to cancel, we will still require a booking fee *see cancellation policy below.*

We accept:

  • Cash
    (if you choose this method of payment, you will receive a 4% discount)

  • Check
    (if you choose this method of payment, you will receive a 4% discount)

  • Money order
    (if you choose this method of payment, you will receive a 4% discount)

  • Venmo
    (4% fee is automatically added onto all stays)

  • Credit Card
    (4% fee is automatically added onto all stays)

  • Lakeview Living Gift Cards
    (if you choose this method of payment, you will receive a 4% discount)


If mailing a check or money order, please contact us for mailing address. Checks must be received within 2 weeks of confirming your rental. *Mailing address is different than house address. *

When payment has been received, you will receive a message confirming that your payment was received.


Should you need to cancel your stay at Lakeview Living or camper rentals, please review our cancellation policy before booking. Once dates are taken off the market, they become unavailable to other possible renters.

ALL CANCELLATIONS have a 10% cancellation/booking fee on the total rental amount.

  • 60 days or more prior to check in: Receive full refund of original payment plus the 10% booking fee

  • 30-59 days prior to check in: Receive 50% refund of original payment, plus the 10% booking fee

  • Under 30 days prior to check in: NO refund

    Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance
    It is highly recommended guest purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance in case of family emergencies/bad weather delays, flight/rental car cancellations, job loss, snow/ice, Covid-19 bans/restrictions, etc. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, forest fires, etc. and cannot make your trip, please seek reimbursement through your travel insurance.

  • NO refunds are given unless there is a mandatory evacuation in our area. Please check what travel insurance your credit card may offer. You can also visit
    All guests may choose to use a third party to buy vacation insurance.

  • If no pre-payment was taken due to making a reservation close to your reservation date,
    you are still required to pay the amount owed and may be required to pay by credit card*

  • We are not responsible for guests who do not read our cancellation policy, by booking your reservation, you agree to our cancellation policy.


  • Sunroom Suite
    $40.00 (cash/check/money order)
    $41.60 (credit card & Venmo)

  • Lower Living 1
    $90.00 (cash/check/money order)
    $93.60 (credit card & V

  • Lower Living 2
    $90.00 (cash/check/money order)
    $93.60 (credit card & V

  • Lower Living Plus
    $115.00 (cash/check/money order)
    $119.60 (credit card & V

  • Main Living
    $115.00 (cash/check/money order)
    $119.60 (credit card & V

  • Entire House
    $260.00 (cash/check/money order)

    $273.00 (credit card & Venmo)

  • Hornet & Coleman Camper Rentals
    $30.00 (cash/check/money order)
    $31.20 (credit card & V

  • Retreat & Conquest Camper Rentals
    $40.00 (cash/check/money order)
    $41.60 (credit card & Venmo)

This is a one-time cleaning fee in addition to the nightly fee.
This fee is a MANDATORY fee - no exceptions.


  • Security camera/recording device – “Exterior security cameras are installed on site.” but may not be recording at all times.

  • Carbon monoxide alarm

  • Smoke alarm

  • First aid kits in every bathroom

  • If you have an emergency - please call 911 and the house host


  • Must climb stairs to access Sunroom Suite or the Camper Rentals.

  • Lakeview Living accepts no liability for the use of the kayaks and paddle boats. 

  • Hosts do not live in the house but are available nearby.

  • If you do not rent the Entire House, there may be other guests staying in Lakeview Living Rental House. We have a strict 11:00pm quiet time when Lakeview Living has other guests staying during the same date(s) as you or when you are staying at the Campground

  • House rentals: You MUST rent the Entire House if you wish to have a large gathering with friends and/or family who you did not include upon booking. If you have a gathering and have only rented one of the units, you will be asked to leave immediately - NO EXCEPTIONS

  • All guests at the Rental House and in the Rental Campers are able to join in any of the Big G's Campground activities or use the Sand Volleyball or Playset at their own risk.

  • Lakeview Living is not responsible for injuries.

  • Lakeview Living is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

  • We do NOT guarantee the working condition of grills, kayaks, paddleboats, or games in game room, at times these, and additional amenities not listed above, items may be out-of-order. We will not provide a refund for out-of-order or missing amenities.

  • At times we do require maintenance of appliances and home maintenance issues, if this happens during your stay, we will make every attempt to get the issue resolved immediately. Please remember, this is a home, items do stop working on occasion and need fixed, but we do make every effort to get these issues resolved as soon as possible. If there is another working item, (for example we have 2 washer/dryers, if one is down), we do not give discount or refund, since there is more than 1 available.

  • We are on well water, if you are used to city water, it may have a different taste to you. We suggest that if you are sensitive to different tasting water, you may want to bring in bottled water, we do not provide this. We do get our water tested, and it is safe to drink.

  • Wi-Fi, we do have free Wi-fi at the house ONLY. There is only 1 service provider available in our area. At times the Wi-Fi can slow down, making it difficult to stream on multiple devices. We do not give discounts or refunds for slow Wi-Fi. Campers do not have Wi-Fi.

  • We do not have cable TV in the rental house or the campers. Our TVs in the house are smart TVs and have apps. You will need your login info for these apps, as we do not provide paid apps. Our TVs do have free TV apps built into them. The rental campers do not have smart TVs, they do have antenna TV to grab some local TV, we cannot guarantee TV in the campers.

  • Door locks - our house has smart locks and are run off of wifi. Do NOT unplug any white boxes from outlets that are labels "DO NOT UNPLUG" or the locks will not work. Campers have keys.

  • No illegal activity

  • Any rules that are broken, such as (but not limited to) smoking or pets inside when not allowed, will forfeit some, or all, of your damage deposit.


  • We do have security cameras installed at all Lakeview Living rental house door entrances, as well as overlooking the deck. These are intended for insurance purposes, as well as safety and security for our guests and property.  

When you accept your reservation, you agree to all the information & rules provided on this page. Please read in it ENTIRITY. 


Damage Deposit

We retain a refundable damage deposit for all rentals. We require deposit at the time of booking and prefer this to be paid by credit card.
If you pay by check, we will not cash the check, we will hold onto it until the rental has been cleaned and assessed. If you pay by credit card, any refund given back will be in full. If you pay by cash, we will refund you a check. Rental units will be assessed upon cleaning. If any damages, stains or issues need to be addressed, we will contact you with an estimate. We will hold all deposit money until issues are resolved and the deposit money will be used for the cost of the damages. Failure to pay damages will result in denied future stays with us and possible legal action. If damages exceed the deposit check, you will be expected to pay that. If damages are less than the deposit check, we will reimburse you the difference. If there are no damages, stains or issues, funds will be refunded in same way you paid. Deposit checks will be VOID, ripped up and a picture will be taken and sent to you either by text or email. Please allow 7-10 days for the assessment of rental units. We accept no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

The damage deposits may also be used for any guests who cancel, and we have not received their rental money from for the 10% cancellation/booking fee.

By accepting your reservation, you agree to accept all damages and terms stated here.

Damage deposit amounts are as follows:

Lakeview Living

  • Sunroom Suite: $80

  • Lower Living 1 - $165

  • Lower Living 2 - $165

  • Lower Living Plus - $220

  • Main Living - $385

  • Entire House - $660

Camper Rental

  • Happy Hornet Camper - $400

  • Comfy Coleman Camper - $400

  • Retreat - $400

  • Conquest $400
    *If you have a pet in the camper rentals, add $100 to your damage deposit*

We prefer damage deposits paid by check. You may pay by credit card, but please add the 5% credit card fee to the above rates *WE ARE UNABLE TO REFUND THE 5% CREDIT CARD FEE WHEN REFUNDING DAMAGE DEPOSITS*

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